Patch 1.0.1
Patch 1.0.1

Attention Veterans, reports from the frontline tell of new changes and fixes to Veterans Online. 


  • Frame rate is now capped to 120 Fps.


  • System notification added to login screen
  • Video tutorial added.

  • Added shop and weapon crates UI elements.

  • Fixed default resolution to be 1920x1080x60.


  • Better team balancing for quick play matches.

  • Improved networking (fixes to disconnections and server crashes).


  • Added pan override for flags, mines and Traps.


  • Key binding now works as intended.

  • You can now move while checking the scoreboard.

  • UI interaction problem when respawning while shop is open.

  • Reload UI not displaying when moving.

  • Cursor interaction when respawning.

  • Chat server fixes for better connection stability, both regional and ingame chat.


  •  Added 2 missing achievements description for all languages except English.

  • Removed Case-sensitive emails.

  • Added a feedback message when something wrong goes with the store.

  • Added Numpad Enter input key to interact with Chat inputfield.

Posted 1 year ago by Nuked-Skarnn